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Bill Downs
Bill Downs is an expert on diet and digestion.
Bill is the author of the Trafon (spell it backwards) blog

Bill has unsurpassed knowledge of how nutrients help the body heal. Involved with nutritional information for over 20 years, Bill has lectured worldwide, is a published author, and has penned a number of papers in cited peer-reviewed scientific journals. A recognized expert in his field , Bill has had over 75 TV , Radio and Newspaper interviews. Bill's five years of post-graduate education in Nutrition Science and Biological Chemistry along with his years of clinical experience as a nutrition consultant have given him great insight into the modern human condition, the needless suffering of people, and a profound appreciation for the body's miraculous capabilities to heal itself when properly supported by nutrition.

In The News

World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations states; probiotics are "live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host".

"In conclusion, probiotics act as an adjuvant in the prevention and treatment of a wide variety of chronic diseases" (from a paper presented by Broekaert and Walker of Harvard Medical School , Mucosal Immunology Laboratory, Massachusetts General Hospital for Children

Elderly people should take probiotic supplements, according to scientists.

Trafon OneAmeal™ Dietary Supplement:

Trafon OneAmeal™ is a high quality (only the best available ingredients) Probiotic and Enzyme supplement.

The health benefits of probiotics (found in things like yogurt) and enzymes have been studied for the last 100 years , mainly in Europe. However since the World Health Organization's report on their benefits was published in 2001 , American research has accelerated. In 2006 a Harvard paper also acknowledged the benefits of probiotics. The caveat these papers mention is "when administered in adequate amounts".

This caveat is one reason why our product has such a high success rate vs. other products. The basic comparable differences are:

  • The probiotic counts of the Trafon OneAmeal™ capsules are numbered in the BILLIONS not millions. We use the highest quality , highest concentrated research grade ingredients (expensive) available while most other supplements use lower commercial grade ingredients. (about 1/10th the cost)

  • It is not enough to have a quality amount of probiotics in the capsule. The important thing is to get them DELIVERED alive to the appropriate location in the digestive tract. Trafon OneAmeal™ uses a proprietary patented microencapsulated delivery system that accomplishes this task.

  • In addition it is not enough to just use probiotics. Enzymes are needed to catalyze the chemical reactions associated with digestion as well as other tasks. Trafon OneAmeal™ has these essential enzymes in it's formulation while most others do not.

  • Not least of all , Trafon is fanatical about quality control. Besides being manufactured under strict government certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines , EACH batch of ingredients is tested upon receipt as well as EACH batch of final product , to insure quality compliance. VERY few, if any, do this level of quality testing.

    Simply , the overall mechanics of the Trafon OneAmeal™ supplement is to provide adequate amounts of probiotics to re-stabilize and then maintain a healthy microflora colony as well as provide essential enzymes to assist this process. Once your body has a balanced microflora colony and sufficient amounts of enzymes , it can then perform it's digestion and immune functions properly alleviating the common symptoms associated with an imbalanced microflora and insufficient level of enzymes.


    The key to remember here is "adequate amounts" for YOUR current condition. Though Trafon OneAmeal™ supplements you with billions of new probiotics ("good" bacteria) , a healthy micoflora colony consists of trillions of (about 10 times the total amount of cells in your body) bacteria. Depending on how "out of balance" (the ratio of "good" vs "bad" bacteria) YOUR microflora colony is , will determine YOUR optimal dosage and degree and speed of symptom relief.

    Minimum dosage required for the first 30 days is 2 capsules at the beginning of EACH meal plus 2 capsules at bedtime. After 30 days , ONE A MEAL is average to maintain a healthy microflora and adequate levels of enzymes. However , depending on YOUR specific situation , higher dosages (3 or 4 capsules) might be required to get you back in balance and depending on YOUR diet and lifestyle , a higher dosage might be required for maintenance.

    Symptom Relief:

    YOUR body can react (warns you) to the problems associated with an unbalanced microflora and inadequate levels of enzymes in many ways. ( excessive gas , bloating , diarrhea , constipation , food and dairy allergies , infections , cramps , etc. ) You should notice some degree of relief from whatever symptoms YOUR body has chosen to warn you , within 30 days. (the majority of people start to experience signs of relief within 7 days) In some cases , during the 30 day re-stabilization period , a small number of people have experienced new (for them) symptoms (that is before they had constipation but now diarrhea). Though rare , this is due to your body telling you of the different level of unbalance it is experiencing. (for example before you had a ratio of 50% good bacteria vs 50% bad , but now it is 70% good vs 30% bad) This "new" symptom should disappear when you finally establish a balanced microflora colony.

    IMPORTANT - relief from symptoms does NOT mean you are "cured". It took years of bad diet and lifestyle to irritate and cause damage to your digestive tract and immune system. Creating and maintaining a healthy microflora colony along with maintaining proper levels of enzymes will aid in the prevention of new damage as well as provide your body the environment to heal itself. This process can take a year or two.


    All ingredients in the supplement are recognized as GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)

    Side Effects:

    Potential side effects may be a healthier intestinal tract causing a more proactive immune system. This has been known to produce an overall healthier body. If such condition persists for over 100 years please consult you physician.


    Store in cool, dry, dark area. Best is fridge. Trafon OneAmeal™ capsules are individually sealed to help maintain the viability of the probiotics and enzymes.


    Keep out of reach of children.

    First Step

    Try Trafon OneAmeal™

    Your first step along the road to a HEALTHIER YOU is to purchase one box of Trafon OneAmeal™ containing 60 capsules. Take as directed. After 7 days you should start to experience some symptomatic relief, guaranteed.

    Second Step

    Get Back in Balance

    Now that you know Trafon OneAmeal™ is effective for you, you need to get your microflora colony in balance. Your second step along the road to a HEALTHIER YOU is to purchase at least four boxes of Trafon OneAmeal™ containing 240 capsules. Take as directed. After 30 days you should experience significant symptomatic relief.

    (the price of 3 boxes with the 4th box free)

    Third Step


    You are now "back in balance" , experiencing little if any of your former distressful symptoms. Do Not Quit Now !

    Your third step along the road to a HEALTHIER YOU is to maintain your healthy microflora colony. Though your symptons have disappeared , the root cause has not. You need to maintain a healthy digestive tract enviroment to give your body time to heal (just like a severe wound needs time to heal, even after it stops hurting).

    After your initial 30 day extensive, "get back in balance - get relief" program , ONE A MEAL (one capsule per meal) is average to maintain a healthy microflora and adequate levels of enzymes.

    However , depending on YOUR specific situation , higher dosages (2 capsules) might be required to keep you in balance, depending on YOUR diet and lifestyle.

    To make it easy, and save you a few dollars , Trafon offers a Preferred Customer subscription plan. You can chose to have future shipments of Trafon OneAmeal™ billed automatically. Your preferred customer price for two boxes of Trafon OneAmeal™ will be only $54.99 (a savings of over 20%) PLUS Free shipping and handling!
    Trafon OneAmeal™ will automatically ship to you every 5 weeks.
    You can cancel anytime.

  • Trafon Guarantee
    Trafon Guarantee
    Purchase Trafon OneAmeal

    Did You Know?

    You carry around three pounds of bacteria (both "good" and "bad" types) in your intestines every day of your life.?

    There are about 400 different species of bacteria residing in your digestive tract?

    That these bacterium number in the trillions?

    That PROBIOTICS (good bacterium) are an INTREGAL part of your digestive system and are ESSENTIAL for good health?

    That the ratio of good bacteria to bad in a HEALTHY gastrointestinal tract is 85 percent versus 15 percent, respectively?

    People over 60 have about 1,000-fold LESS "friendly" bacteria in their guts compared with other adults

    That your diet, prescription drugs (especially antibiotics), stress, and illnesses, can kill your essential good bacteria?

    That enzymes are present in every cell of your body?

    That enzymes are NECESSARY to your food digestion, energy production, tissue and organ repair, and toxic waste removal?

    That due to a nutrient depleted diet , most Americans lack sufficient types and quanities of CRITICAL to health levels of both enzymes and probiotics?

    That Trafon OneAmeal™ contains the hightest premium quality strains of HEALTH promoting probiotics and enzymes CRITICALLY required by your body?
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