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Bill Downs
Bill Downs is an expert on diet and digestion.
Bill is the author of the Trafon (spell it backwards) blog

Bill has unsurpassed knowledge of how nutrients help the body heal. Involved with nutritional information for over 20 years, Bill has lectured worldwide, is a published author, and has penned a number of papers in cited peer-reviewed scientific journals. A recognized expert in his field , Bill has had over 75 TV , Radio and Newspaper interviews. Bill's five years of post-graduate education in Nutrition Science and Biological Chemistry along with his years of clinical experience as a nutrition consultant have given him great insight into the modern human condition, the needless suffering of people, and a profound appreciation for the body's miraculous capabilities to heal itself when properly supported by nutrition.

In The News

World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations states; probiotics are "live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host".

"In conclusion, probiotics act as an adjuvant in the prevention and treatment of a wide variety of chronic diseases" (from a paper presented by Broekaert and Walker of Harvard Medical School , Mucosal Immunology Laboratory, Massachusetts General Hospital for Children

Elderly people should take probiotic supplements, according to scientists.

One a Meal

Trafon Industries , LLC
Dealer Program

Provisions of Dealer Authorization

Authorizations are for specifically stated store locations and / or websites. It is important that you carefully review and clearly understand the following Trafon Industries , LLC ( Trafon ) policy for an authorized dealer.

The Trafon Image

Trafon continues to build an unsurpassed reputation as the producer and marketer of the OneAmeal™ and that reputation is our most cherished and valuable asset. Trafon's prime objective is to maintain and enhance its reputation as "The Digestive Health Company" through adherence to the highest quality of standards and tasteful advertising programs. The maintenance of this image is not only is in the best interest of Trafon , but in the individual best interest of each Trafon dealer. Every authorized dealer is carefully chosen , and expected to merchandise and promote Trafon products in a manner which is consistent with the Trafon image of quality and taste.

Basic Stocks and Open-to-Buy

The dealer is expected to maintain minimum basic stocks of all items carried and authorized to be sold at a particular location, sufficient to enable the dealer to merchandise, advertise and promote Trafon products in an effective manner. In addition, it is expected that sufficient open-to-buy funds will be available at all times.


Trafon does not permit the transshipping of its products. Transshipping is the resale, distribution, wholesaling or jobbing of our products by authorized dealers to other than their retail consumers at authorized store locations. A new store location or a website of a dealer must be individually approved before it will be considered authorized.

Trafon products are covered by the Trafon Retail Price Policy. Trafon does not seek, and will not accept dealer agreement to this Policy, but reserves the right to discontinue doing business with any dealer which chooses not to comply with the Policy. Details of the Policy can be found further down the page.

An authorized dealer is not assured of an exclusive market , and additional dealers may be appointed in the same or adjacent markets at any time. Authorization as a Trafon dealer is automatically terminated when ownership or store location changes. Also , Trafon reserves the right to determine which products will be available at each authorized store location.

Orders and F.O.B. Point

Orders for Trafon products are not subject to cancellation by dealers. If orders are submitted on dealers' purchase order form, the terms of said purchase order will not be deemed accepted by Trafon unless Trafon expressly accepts said terms in writing. The prices charged to dealers for merchandise will be Trafon prices in effect at the time of order acceptance. Trafon reserves the right to either accept or reject any order at the sole discretion of Trafon.

All shipments will be F.O.B. from the appropriate shipping point deemed by Trafon

Minimum Orders

Any order under $100.00 net is subject to a service charge of $15.00

Right to Discontinue Doing Business

Trafon reserves the right at any time , in its sole discretion , to cease selling to any dealer.

Trafon Retail Price Policy

The Retail Price Policy sets forth the view of Trafon as to the appropriate marketing of its products. Trafon does not seek and will not accept dealer agreement to this Policy. However , Trafon reserves the right to discontinue doing business if a dealer chooses not to comply with the Policy. The following is a summary of our Policy which sets forth the products covered and explains exceptions and general terms of the Policy. Please understand that for legal reasons it is our Company practice not to discuss this Policy with you. However, the Policy is easy to understand and everything that you need to know about it is in this statement.

Part 1: Trafon Retail Price Policy

All Trafon products are covered by the Trafon Retail Price Policy.
Retailers should not discount below the "Suggested Retail Price" ("SRP") as set forth in the Pricing Information provided. The exceptions to this Policy are:

(1) Commercial business ( the sale of goods, not for resale, to a business generally for incentive / recognition programs - to be billed to and paid for by that business ), and military and duty free sales; and

(2) Gifts during opening events of any new stores at the new store only , for a period not exceeding one month; and

(3) Store employee and shareholder discounts; and

(4) Products discontinued by Trafon or obviously shopworn goods - all such products must be clearly marked as discontinued or shopworn and any advertisements or point of sale signage must identify the products as discontinued or shopworn; and

(5) Periodic promotional programs authorized by Trafon; and

(7) Store and / or website promotions that do not exceed 10% of the "SRP" . The "SRP" should be prominently displayed. Promotion ideas include , free or reduced shipping charges , membership discount , rewards , special events

Part 2: General

This Policy applies to the extent a dealer is authorized for any or all of the products covered by the Policy and to all sales connected with an authorized account , including but not limited to , sales procured through authorized store locations , store catalogs and the internet. It is important to note that distribution through the internet and / or catalog channels requires separate authorization by Trafon in advance to ensure consistency with the Trafon™   image.

The reduction off suggested retail price could be in the form of price discounts ( including coupons ), gifts or other promotions or any combination of these. In a gift or other promotional situation, Trafon considers the effective retail price to be the actual retail selling price of the Trafon product minus the retail value of the gift or other promotion or service.

With respect to coupons, the price paid by the consumer at checkout will be the price of the product for purposes of determining compliance with the Trafon Retail Price Policy. For example, if an item is advertised at the "Suggested Retail Price" ("SRP") and the consumer is able to get an additional 20% off with a promotional coupon, then the price of the product will not be consistent with the Trafon Retail Price Policy. Accordingly , if you choose to sell products in accordance with the Retail Price Policy, your coupon should expressly exclude Trafon from the coupon discount. Such exclusion could read as follows: "Coupon excludes Trafon."

For legal reasons, it is our Company practice not to discuss the Retail Price Policy. Accordingly, all Trafon personnel have been instructed not to discuss the Policy with anyone outside of Trafon or even to communicate to Trafon headquarters any complaints or advice that any Trafon dealers are selling any of the products covered by this Policy at prices other than those set forth in the Policy. Please do not discuss the Policy with Trafon personnel or communicate complaints or advice to Trafon personnel. Trafon will determine independently of its dealers whether products are being sold at prices other than in compliance with the Trafon Retail Price Policy.

This Policy is a unilateral statement of the terms upon which Trafon will do business. Trafon does not seek and will not accept dealer agreement to this Policy. Each dealer is free to establish prices at whatever levels it chooses. However , Trafon reserves the right to limit authorization , terminate product lines and / or terminate the entire account if a dealer chooses not to comply with this Policy.

Trafon believes that a fair price to the consumer and a reasonable margin for Trafon dealers is a necessary cornerstone of continued success for Trafon and its authorized dealers. We are convinced this Policy is necessary to protect our fine name and ensure mutual success in the future.

Trafon reserves the right at any time , in its sole discretion , to amend this and any policy in the future.

Trafon Internet Policy

The following criteria set forth the view of Trafon regarding the appropriate marketing of Trafon products on the Internet by authorized bricks and mortar dealers and / or authorized internet dealers.

It is important to note that authorized bricks and mortar location(s) must apply for separate authorization to sell on the internet. Any sale of Trafon products on the internet without authorization by Trafon constitutes prohibited transshipping and may subject your authorized bricks and mortar location(s) to termination.

An authorized bricks and mortar dealer may seek authorization under the criteria set forth below to sell Trafon Products through an electronic commerce site if it meets the following three requirements:

1. It has been in business as an authorized bricks and mortar dealer for a minimum of one year; and

2. Trafon has shipped a minimum of $1,000 of Trafon Products to the bricks and mortar dealer during the fiscal year in which the application is made or the fiscal year immediately prior to said application; and

3. Sales from the bricks and mortar dealer's physical store location are greater than 50% of total sales, including phone order, catalog, and e-commerce sales.

If a bricks and mortar dealer does not meet the requirements set forth above, it may apply as a "virtual" e-commerce account in accordance with the "Trafon Authorized Virtual E-Commerce Site Criteria."

Physical Retailers who sell products through third party shopping sites may do so only if they are authorized by Trafon to sell Trafon Products through such sites and only under their registered dealer trade names.

Anyone can apply for authorization. However, Trafon reserves the right to refuse or cancel any site, especially if it contains unsuitable material. Web sites that would violate any applicable law, regulation, or third-party right; encourage illegal activity or racism; will be deemed unacceptable for the Trafon dealership.

Each authorized electronic commerce site shall merchandise and promote Trafon Products in a manner consistent with the brand image and market position for the Trafon Product line. The physical retailer is expected to maintain minimum basic stocks of all items carried and authorized to be sold online , sufficient to enable the dealer to merchandise , advertise , and promote them in an effective manner as well as offer quality consumer service.

For internet only authorized dealers , the requirement to maintain basic stock may be waived at the sole discretion of Trafon If this requirement is waived , Trafon reserves the right to cease doing business with any dealer whose monthly purchases of Trafon products does not meet a minimum of $500.00.

Electronic commerce sites may not imply that they are owned or operated by Trafon

Each authorized electronic commerce site shall at all times market and sell , prominently , a representative display of Trafon Products for which it is authorized. An authorized electronic commerce site may only display on its site those Trafon Product lines for which it is authorized to sell. Trafon reserves the right to determine which products will be available to an approved e-commerce site.

In no event shall Trafon Product displays , including Trafon brand identification materials, on authorized electronic commerce sites be less prominently displayed than any other brands and products sold by the electronic commerce site.

All images of Trafon Products displayed on electronic commerce sites must accurately represent the products offered.

Appropriate legal notices for the Trafon brand names, Trafon trademarks, designs and other Trafon intellectual property must be accurately and appropriately displayed on electronic commerce sites. Only approved trademarks may be shown in connection with Trafon products.

Electronic commerce sites must provide written privacy and security policy disclosures, which are in compliance with all legal requirements.

Electronic commerce sites must provide a process for customers to contact the retailer with comments, inquiries and / or complaints.

Sites meeting the above criteria will be eligible to receive images and copy, when available, for all Trafon Products for which they are authorized to sell.

Trafon reserves the right at any time , in its sole discretion , to change these criteria , to cease selling to any dealer , to remove any links to Trafon sites and / or to revoke permission to use Trafon's images , copy , stock numbers , descriptions , and references to Trafon.

The Trafon Retail Price Policy applies to the sale and marketing of all Trafon Products by authorized Trafon dealers, including those sold and marketed through physical locations as well as web sites.

Drop Shipping Policy

Authorized dealers may avail themselves of the Trafon drop shipping service.

There will be a $2.00 service charge for each drop shipment.

The dealer will be responsible for all costs associated with the order , included but not limited to , the dealer cost of merchandise , shipping and handling charges.

How to Apply

At the present time we are strictly limiting the number of Trafon authorized dealers.

Minimum criteria for authorized dealer consideration requires an initial order of $100.00.

Minimum criteria for authorized internet dealer consideration requires either an initial order of $100.00 , or a deposit of $100.00 towards future orders or fees. And minimum monthly orders of $50.00. There will be a $10.00 fee if the monthly minimum order amount is not reached. Please consider our Affiliate Program as an alternative.

If you are interested in becoming an authorized Trafon dealer please

Trafon Guarantee
Trafon Guarantee
Purchase Trafon OneAmeal

Did You Know?

You carry around three pounds of bacteria (both "good" and "bad" types) in your intestines every day of your life.?

There are about 400 different species of bacteria residing in your digestive tract?

That these bacterium number in the trillions?

That PROBIOTICS (good bacterium) are an INTREGAL part of your digestive system and are ESSENTIAL for good health?

That the ratio of good bacteria to bad in a HEALTHY gastrointestinal tract is 85 percent versus 15 percent, respectively?

People over 60 have about 1,000-fold LESS "friendly" bacteria in their guts compared with other adults

That your diet, prescription drugs (especially antibiotics), stress, and illnesses, can kill your essential good bacteria?

That enzymes are present in every cell of your body?

That enzymes are NECESSARY to your food digestion, energy production, tissue and organ repair, and toxic waste removal?

That due to a nutrient depleted diet , most Americans lack sufficient types and quanities of CRITICAL to health levels of both enzymes and probiotics?

That Trafon OneAmeal™ contains the hightest premium quality strains of HEALTH promoting probiotics and enzymes CRITICALLY required by your body?
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